Some Thoughts on the Men’s Rights Movement

These are just some general observations surrounding the growing Men’s Right Movement (MRM), Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), and the grudge match they have with feminist.

First, its very evident that the MRM is a direct decedent of feminism. Warren Farrell, a core member of the MRM, was once a long time and respected feminist.  That was until he brought up inequalities involving men, and was forever banished.  He seriously thought feminism was a co-ed dorm, when it has always been a sorority.   If feminism had just made even a slight gesture that there are inequalities that affect men, the MRM would not even exist, and Paul Elam would be getting published in “Ms.”  I could even picture there being a regular column titled “Thoughts from the Man Cave”, or “Mansplaining Zone” or some other title that reeks that particularly cutesy, unbearable bobo humour.  They could have even kept around the Patriarchy gibberish, since as all Rad-Fems like to say “The Patriarchy hurts men as well.”

Second, the way feminist handle the MRA shows that while they hold a lot of control, they are not very good at using that power against enemies.  If I were a feminist, I’d try to co-op the whole thing and use it as a tool to further castrate men and further other agendas.  “See, why can’t men cry?” “Men can be weak as well!” “People ignore the plight of males because of those nasty gender roles.” All you really need to do to bring the MRM to a heel is to give them some divorce reform (making sure the state and technocrats can tamper even more in the family all along the way). Instead, feminist vitriolically attacking the MRM gives MRAs a ton of free press.  These attacks are not limited to academic journals that the general public never reads, they’re out in the open mainstream media.  There was even a SNL sketch that aired nationally.

Just skip though the guy’s commentary if it annoys you. 

And before you say they’re too big to ignore, “A Voice for Men” tried doing a march on Washington and couldn’t get enough people.  Who do you know personally who would call themselves an MRA, or even sympathetic?  Unless you yourself are an MRA, probably none.  This is the converse of the Streisand effect, but it leads to the same results. Also when feminist protest MRM events, they look absolutely insane.

The Fire Alarm:  Good for silencing enemies and getting out of a midterm exam.

This is what a feminist looks like

But looking (or should I say being) insane has always been a problem for feminist and feminism.

Third, I’m not a MRA nor a supporter besides giving them an ear once in awhile.  As I’ve already stated, it’s ultimately the beaten bastard son of feminism. In fact, I think a large take off the the MRM would be a horrible thing for most men and masculinity.  It is a movement that highlights impotence of modern men, that seeks to turn the male sex into a victim class, with all the goodies that come along with it (political attention, being able to take the moral high ground, ect.)  I’d rather have my agency than government handouts any day.  In order to be in a designated victim group, it means sacrificing agency in some form.  You could argue that the MRM is seeking to expand my agency, but that is not what they are about.  They’re about weeping to Mommy Nanny State for more allowance money and an extended bedtime. It could be that their actions will bring about an expansion of my agency in some areas, but it will come at a steeper cost: agency is also dependent on the mental and emotional.

You can have all the freedom in the world, but if your will is weak and you believe yourself to be helpless, you will only hold agency in name only, and your actions will be that of a slave.  This is the sacrifice groups make when joining The Rainbow Brigade: you admit weakness and helplessness, forever branded a victim, no matter circumstances.  You could be a black billionaire, titan of industry,  a success in every aspect, but you will always have to play the role of a sad little red lipped sambo, forever crushed by the invisible hand of white supremacy.  If you ever denied this, or said that black people need to ignore the past and need build themselves up with their own hands, you will get branded as an uncle tom, race traitor, and the white liberals whom used to hold you up will drop you like dog shit, and even shoot snide remarks at you.  I do not want this, and consider being forever barred from The Rainbow Brigade truly a privilege.

As for feminism, if you couldn’t tell from the tone of this article, I hold an even lower opinion of.  The idea of gender equality is absolutely absurd.  I can accept seeking to keep the law gender neural as possible, but even having a perfectly equal legal code is impossible.  The fact abortion is an issue proves this.  I believe gender is not a construct, but something ingrained into existence itself, much like math is.  The sexes are a manifestation of this into existence, and while it manifest differently in various creatures, and even people, it is a reality.  Males are superior in somethings to females, women excel men in others.  A woman maybe better than most men in a male dominated field, but women plural is not, and we shouldn’t base our society on the delusion that it is achievable.  You just end up mutilating the male and female psyche and spirit in trying to make us equal.  We don’t need to force dresses on tom boys, but trying to force chess on girls that are not interested is more damning, because you make misfits of 80% of women.  Femininity and Masculinity are sacred and weaved into nature, and when you move against the divine and nature itself, you’re fighting an uphill battle up a mountain with no summit.

I don’t need to be a feminist to say cutting off woman’s noses or clitoris is wrong, or that rape is one of the worst things you can do just short of murder, or that we should celebrate the accomplishments of women.  If anything we should celebrate femininity itself, real femininity, not the awful contorted abstractions that leftist come up with.  There is a war on women, and its not being fought by chicken sandwich chains or Evangelicals, but those who think because they can fill their big brains with bad information and ideas, they need to take a scalpel to the mind of millions of girls across this country, and contaminate them with their unholy doctrines.


Ramblings on Racical Conflict, Inter-race Sexuality, Class Conciousness, and Identity

You know we’re in interesting times when two news stories that cross my radar, can respond to two news stories with “In a row?”

First one coming out a Spanish island. A British girl performed oral sex on 24 men in a night club, with the promise of a free “Holiday.” The “Holiday” was a kind of drink. Yeah, that old gag.

Then we have a story that is even more over the top than that, with half the dick count. In short, guy’s girl gets gangbanged by twelve black guys, with blatant photo and video evidence, and then forgives her.  Now twelve guys, with your girl, at the same time is enough to cause a mental breakdown. But when you bring the the racial aspect, it just sets off something deep inside at lot of guy’s lizard brain. What’s funny is commenters disturbed by the race, overlook the fact this guy is obviously Hispanic.  And judging from his handle “ballnjay”, plus the constant use of the word “nigga”, this is not the tale of an innocent straight A’s beta getting cuckolded. I would guess the girl is possibly a heavily Spanish blood mezito as well. Still, the pictures of black teens proudly grabbing onto a light skinned girl, sends many guy’s primal instincts into overdrive.

Even in our PC culture, mentioning that you got cheated on by a black guy will illicit definite “owhhhoooo”s from men. I even remember in the comic-book version of “Kick Ass”, when the main character’s love starts showing interest in another guy, the hero describes him as “the new black kid from Jersey.” I never finished the story arch, but a friend of mine told me that in the end, she finds out he was watching her though her bedroom window, and has her black boyfriend beat him up. One of the obvious running themes of “Kick Ass” is humiliation, so its interesting to note the writers made race a specific aspect to her boyfriend.

What’s interesting is if you take this scenario, and sub in different races: 12 Asians, 12 East Indians, 12 Mexicans, or 12 Martians. Somehow, twelve East Asians having their way with your precious flower feels a lot less humiliating. Even twelve mestizos seems to calm the lizard brain. But, I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you’re British, 12 Pakistanis is about equal to blacks in the shade of red you’ll see.

It is a bit weird there exist this paranoia that black men are going to steal all our white wimminz, and then take control, inflicting an eye for an eye equal to hundreds of years of oppression upon the white race.  I remember Louie C.K. making a whole routine of it, saying how someday they’ll rise up with no mercy, but he’ll be long dead and got to enjoy all the benefits of  what leftists call “white privilege.”  Actually, it perfectly sums up boomer attitudes: throwing your own the the sharks, not making an attempt to fix any actual problems, while living large on debt fulled luxuriously.  Course the idea of black getting to intact a day of retribution is just as much a fantasy as “The Day of the Rope” white supremacist hold to.  The sad truth is blacks have very little power outside what is gifted to them by whites, that could be revoked very quickly.  I’ve always said if blacks voted 98% Republican, lefty political cartoons would look like something penned by A. Wytt Mann.  The best they have as a group is they’ll riot and loot like they’re doing in Missouri.

White flight and gentrification has limited the effect of their one real bargaining chip.  Ironically enough, the anti-racist upper class whites flocking to Ferguson may actually be the death nail to the community.  I heard they were staging Gay Pride rallies in support of Brown (something I’m sure the young black kid would love to have in their memory).  If these whites decide to set up shop, they’ll cause rents and property prices to rise, while not bringing in any actual industry or opportunity, setting in motion the wheels of gentrification.  And I suspect it will be very quick, as most the property owners in the area probably are not black, and will be more than eager to throwout their current weave raiding tenants for sedate hipsters with deep trust funds.  I can already picture a Hindu convince store owners trying to sweet talk some white protestors, coming in for a pack of American Spirits, to take up residence in a little rental house he owns in town.  Between the unconscious covert actions of the bourgeoisie to colonize black areas, and the overt hostility Hispanics seem to show them, the future of black America looks bleaker than ever.  Native Americans at least have protected reservations that they get to call the shots in, a better power in my opinion that being able to get any white person who says “nigger” fired.

So while I hold no deep fear of black people, I’ll confess it triggers me a bit seeing black guys grabbing a light skinned women, and showing her off as a prize.  But not a lot. Like I said earlier, our recently wronged hero is a wannabe thug, and just proved to be a total failure at that. So, its not this girl, while very pretty, had high standards to begin with. What I see is a girl cheating on her wankster boyfriend, with twelve different more convincing wanksters. The thing is, I don’t know if this guy had been white, or at least not a shit-bag, if it would have made more of an impact.

My personal experience says no, and the reason is due to something Alain de Benoist believes and I realized when I was in high school. The nature of identity is multilayer and multifaceted.

When I moved to an area where white women with black men was more common, it did catch my attention, not in an aggressive way, but because it was so rare where I grew up. While I grew up in a “vibrant” and “multicultural community”, I never saw whites with blacks very often. In the new town I was living in, it was not uncommon to see a white wife and black husband at the grocery store, arguing what kind of frozen pizza to get. They seemed like typical decent working class people, so it never bothered me. The only time it did bother me, was when I saw two black teenagers with a white girl down town, and one of them was pulling at her shirt, saying “aye let me see dem titties”, and she just giggled, playfully saying “nooo~.” That got to me, yet a white women pushing a baby carriage with her black partner never did. It could have been the rudeness, or the display of welfare class behaviour.

See, my home town that was oh so rich in ethnic and cultural diversity, that rich whites claim to envy but never get around to enjoying, was not in the inner cities. It had its seedier sides, and gated communities (usually on the outskirts, in just the right spots to be in a different school district), but overall it was a town of working class people. The funny thing about being in an actually diverse area, is it does make you “racially conscious”, but we pale faces had outlets. I remember a friend of mine in High School saying the proverbial “There’s a black club, a Mexican club, an Asian club, how come there is no white club?” I told him “There is, its called German Club.” I never felt, or had much racial hostility directed at me, save for a bit of friendly teasing. I never remembered being shamed too much for being white in school either (In fact, the biggest shaming lesson I remember was over the Mormons).

The dwellings on identity I had back then had much more to do with pep rallies. My hometown had two different High Schools, and naturally we were rivals. I always though “Man, if my family just lived on the other side of town, I’d be barking for the other team.” I thought more about the age old argument against nationalism, that you only exist in a particular culture or nation by accident not of your own doing, so its foolish to have pride in it.  Reading about different countries and the traits they have, especially in regard to the kind of philosophers they produce, brought me around to the idea that we carry within us a national, regional, class, religious, and ethnic characteristics.  They maybe obvious like dress and what spices you use in your foods, or they can be subtle, like how you think and perceive time.

My identity is rooted strongly in my home town.  I’ve started writing poetry and it comes up a lot.  I’ve been wanting my first tattoo to be a logo of an old company that was based there to be branded across my chest, right next to my heart.  Course I now live 2000 miles away on the coast.  Yet I find myself in cities and areas that mirror its spirit.  I could live in more upscale areas with some budgeting, or poor areas dominated by whites, but I always find myself coming back to those much evangelized diverse communities.  Gritty, dirty, filled with people who’s lives are spent close to the grind stone.  These places I call home, and those people who live their are apart of my unconscious conception of a folk, possibly against my better judgement or maybe those old, musty Marxist were right all along.  But unfortunately for them, they are by and large apart of the ruling class now a days.  And while they have fantasies of a proletariat uprising in cushy academic offices, I can tell you those egg headed intellectuals will not like the results of a real working class revolution.