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Basically this blog will serve as a way to, 1) Vent opinions and thoughts 2) Get said thoughts/opinions in writing 3) Form more coherent thoughts/opinions 4) Improve my writing abilities 5) Help people out (assuming anyone actually reads this blog).  My main interest are politics of a right-wing nature (mainly Libertarianism and Traditionalism, note the upper case “T”), esoteric/occult philosophy and practices, finance, music, and technology.  Expect material on all these subjects, plus a lot involving my love/hate relationship with Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

“Tiger Jockey” refers directly to the book “Ride The Tiger” by Julius Evola, and the subject of that book (living through this dark, Post-modern age of disintegration) can be seen as a loose theme for this blog.

Email your love, hate, thoughts and critiques to thetigerjockey[at]gmail[period]com


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